RFP for Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for the States of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh

RFP for Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for the States of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh

Organization: UNDP

Apply By: 28 Nov 2019

Terms of Reference - Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of two States: Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh 

Background & Context

Climate change impacts are increasingly being felt across the globe and these impacts are felt differently by different groups of people – depending upon their capacity/vulnerability. It is observed that poor people are the most vulnerable owing to their lack of capacity to adapt and/or mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change. With more than 20% population living below poverty line, and almost 45% of the population relying on rain-fed agriculture, India is highly vulnerable to climatic change impacts. Any adverse impact on water availability due to changes in precipitation levels and falling groundwater tables are likely to adversely affect livelihoods and food security. Along with economic stress, climate change has an adverse social bearing on vulnerable communities. Thus, it becomes imperative to strengthen the resilience of these communities by developing a robust and well-planned rural infrastructure.

Objective of the Study

With an agrarian economy and natural resources dependent livelihoods of a majority of the population, these four States are highly vulnerable to the impacts of Climate Change. While the basic idea of vulnerability assessment is to provide a context for incorporating climate change concerns into planning/ implementation/ decision making process of the State Governments, this study focuses on assessment of the extent of risks and vulnerabilities in the water, agriculture and forestry sectors from climate change at district level in the target States.

The outcome of this exercise is expected to lead to the development of a set of adaptation strategies that can be taken up in mitigating the impacts of climate change in these sectors, as impacts on these  sectors are linked to and pose the greatest challenge to the livelihoods and other facets in these States.

This assignment focuses on detailed vulnerability assessment at district/block level in light of new climate scenarios and models and latest data & information.

Scope of Work

UNDP seeks to undertake a detailed climate change vulnerability assessment study in two States – Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan at district level for water, agriculture and forestry sectors. The key activities that needs to be undertaken are as follows:

  • Review the current information and studies linked to climate change vulnerabilities in the three sectors in the two States. This may inter-alia include existing vulnerability maps, previous assessments i.e. research publications, local knowledge, socio-economic databases and survey materials that are already available.
  • Develop a framework for assessing climate change vulnerabilities at district level. This would include identification of indicators on exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacities for assessing climate change vulnerabilities of water, agriculture and forestry sectors.
  • Undertake consultations with the relevant stakeholders to identify and finalize the sets of indicators.
  • Conduct detailed vulnerability and risk assessments based on the agreed framework in water, agriculture and forestry sectors. Assess the vulnerability for the specific sectors through multivariate analysis of individual indicators. All impact assessment should be done using scientific methods including modelling, scenario building and GIS based assessment showing relative sectoral vulnerability. The assessment study shall include the current and future impacts and vulnerability to climate change at district level.
  • Develop GIS maps, representing the analyzed data and the results.
  • Suggest adaptation measures, in consultation with the respective sectoral departments/ organizations in these two States, to be implemented at short, medium- and long-term levels.

Criteria for Essential Eligibility/Qualification

  • The agency must have minimum five years of experience in conducting climate change impact & vulnerability assessments using climate change scenarios and modelling.
  • They agency should have completed minimum two projects on conducting vulnerability assessments at district levels.
  • Team Leader should have Master’s degree from a recognized institution in Geoscience / Geophysics / climate change / environmental science; with minimum five years of experience in conducting climate change vulnerability assessments

Who can apply

  • Proposals are invited from the institutions/organizations only.
  • Proposal submitted by Individuals will not be accepted.

Deadline 28th November 2019

To Apply, visit - through e-tendering portal https://etendering.partneragencies.org  

(event ID # IND10 0000004884).

Contact Person for Inquiries (Written inquiries only) Surjit Singh, Procurement Unit surjit.singh@undp.org   


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