RFP for Third-Party Evaluation of Online Training of NIRDPR

RFP for Third-Party Evaluation of Online Training of NIRDPR

Organization: National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR)

Apply By: 21 Jun 2021

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Terms of Reference for Third-Party Evaluation of Online Training of NIRDPR

About the Organization:

National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR) is a premier Institute of national and international repute in terms of capacity-building and research in the realm of Rural Development and related aspects.


Overall objective of third-party evaluation is to assess the quality of the online training programmes of NIRDPR during the year 2020-21 in terms of design, delivery, management, extent of learning and usefulness in job.

Specific Objectives of this study are:

  • To analyse the level of participants (state, district and block) and category of officers, Elected Representatives, men / women etc. and benefits of online training.
  • To record the professional and informed views of the faculty members of NIRDPR and SIRDs and the external resource persons in terms of efficiency / deficiency brought in by online mode of training.
  • To make an overall assessment of the reach, the quality of training imparted, retention levels, and the outcome of shifting to online mode of training.
  • To find out the administrative, operational/managerial and financial efficiency / deficiency brought in by the online mode of training programmes.
  • To come up with specific recommendations for improvement keeping in view the nature of clientele, design of training, delivery and online management.

Scope of work:

  • This may include different categories of programmes such as the ones conducted in NIRDPR Hyderabad, NERC Guwahati, and as SIRD collaborative programmes. Centres within NIRDPR and NERC shall provide the data pertaining to the training programmes and contact details of trainees. It will be facilitated by the Training Division of NIRDPR.
  • The sampling may consist geographical coverage of states/regions, and stratified in such a way that a maximum number of states are covered, and participants from all the levels – starting from state, district, and block level are included for the study.
  • The agency selected to carry out this study will design the research methods including sampling procedure to cover not less than 2000 participants in consultation with the NIRDPR.
  • Making in-depth analysis of online programmes of NIRDPR (themes, duration, training hours, centres, numbers, course directors etc.), and engage in online discussions with the competent authority at NIRDPR on the expectations out of this study.
  • Development of questionnaire and its finalisation in consultation with CRTCN

Issues to be addressed:

  • Assessment of qualitative aspects of inputs and processes in terms of design, delivery and management of training programmes.
  • Extent of practical orientation and participation of the trainees
  • Learning outcomes and usefulness of the training
  • Existing status of online training quality and factors which may contribute for quality improvement of training in future.
  • Scope for increasing the reach of training programmes at grassroots levels.
  • Overall efficacy of online training and the improvement required in online mode of training to make the online courses more effective.

Required qualification of evaluating agency:

  • The agency/institute should be a reputed and well-known organisation working in the field of Training/Online Training/Evaluation of Training and Related Research.
  • Agency should have proven experience of undertaking training/impact evaluation of National/International level organisations.

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