RFP for Consultancy to conduct a Baseline Study for Delhi Learning Lab in India

RFP for Consultancy to conduct a Baseline Study for Delhi Learning Lab in India

Organization: Restless Development

Apply By: 15 Aug 2022

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About the Organization

Restless Development is a global agency for youth-led development. We support young people to demand and deliver a just and sustainable world for all. We work to make sure young people have a voice, a living, sexual rights and are leaders in preventing and solving the world’s challenges. We listen to young people, our work is led by young people and together we help young people make lasting change in their communities and countries.

In India, Restless Development is registered as Student Partnership WorldWide India Project Trust (SPWIPT). Restless Development delivers programmes in Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Odisha and Delhi at present. During the last 6 years, we reached out directly to over 1,500,553 young people across these states. Restless Development works through the model of young volunteers and youth led networks that lead and deliver transformative change.

About the Proposal

For young people – sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) form an important basis of their lives, whether they are sexually active or not. In 2012, India made several commitments to improving its family planning goals, with the aim of including family planning into its goal to achieve Universal Health Coverage. The key commitment included reducing unmet need by improving access to voluntary family planning services, and supplies and information, as well as expanding the contraceptive methods available, and scaling up usage of current methods. With significant unmet need of contraception and low condom use, adolescents (especially adolescent girls) are at high risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies. This in turn leads to lessened productivity, increased likelihood of unsafe abortions, morbidity and mortality. In addition, the Government pledged to integrate services focused on adolescent health and maternal health. The policy acknowledged that there was an unmet need for contraception and low condom use, particularly among adolescent girls, who were at a higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. There is an urgent need to take a multi-pronged approach to support young people in accessing information, services and products on SRH without having to face bias and stigma. The initiatives that work with young people and not at them have been reported to have received positive response from youth since this approach inherently considers youth as stakeholders and leaders in the process.

Intervention/program description Delhi learning lab (DLL) project under MCGL-India Yash aims to work with the following stakeholders:- 1. Young People: The DLL activities have an outreach program to adolescent girls and boys both in communities and in schools (when these open up) as well as young people in the age group of 10-29 years. The program has a dedicated reach to young people including male and females and those who are married and unmarried. It is expected to further mobilise the target groups of adolescents and youth directly in the proposed age groups through the youth resource centre, campaigns, in-school interventions and out-of-school changemaker network for young people (about 400 youth) in the communities over the period of 3 years. Activity will also implement technology based models with young people. 2. Community members: It is intended to work with the dedicated groups of parents, religious leaders, community members and older siblings - known to play a decision maker role for youth, particularly young girls. The interventions will be aimed at making the community’s gender sensitive and for creating a safe environment for young people to learn about SRHR, services and products. 3. Private and Public health care providers : The service providers that we will make an outreach to and influence would include pharmacists, doctors in the vicinity as well as Govt. frontline workers, police department and SRHR service providers under RKSK centres, staff and workers of other NGOs working on SRHR. Testing of mobile phone Apps and other models with stakeholders as and when these are available shall also be done.


This is a baseline study; it is expected that the results of the study should establish the current status and information about the project indicators and the targeted beneficiaries. These results will be documented in terms of objectively measurable indicators so as to allow comparison with the final status and information about the same indicators and the same target group at subsequent evaluations of the project. The purpose of the baseline is to provide a benchmark against which project performance can be measured. Restless Development has clearly defined its targets and indicators in its Logframe; therefore a baseline survey is necessary to benchmark indicators for each of the targets set. The study will therefore generate both quantitative and qualitative information on the current status of the key project indicators with the strongest statistical rigour. The information provided in the report needs to clearly state the source of data in all instances and should be clear as to how calculations are made so that they can be replicated annually, at evaluations and any other point of time over the life of the project.


In order to fulfil the purpose outlined above, it is expected that the consultant will collect and analyse various data needed for the programme objectives. This list is only indicative of the types of information needed, and it is highly likely that there will be other informational objectives outside of this list to consider.

The baseline study will be conducted across the intervention area under the following specific objectives:

  • To map the initial knowledge, attitude, and practice of the young people on key topics around SRHR
  • To provide a sound basis for appraising, and where required revising, the project design.
  • Provide specific, actionable and practical recommendations for focusing on key sectors during project implementation.


Restless Development invites applications from consultants able to demonstrate the following skills, knowledge and experience. This consultancy is expected to be developed by a national consultant(s) (with support of a translator/interpreter if necessary). The senior evaluator will be responsible for undertaking the evaluation from start to finish and for managing the evaluation team (if any) under the supervision of the Restless Development MEL Unit, for the data collection and analysis, as well as report drafting and finalisation in English. The qualifications and/or specialised knowledge/ experience required are:

  • Evaluation experience at least 5 years in conducting external evaluations, with mixedmethods evaluation skills and having flexibility in using non-traditional and innovative evaluation methods.
  • Advanced degree in relevant disciplines such as Gender Studies, Sociology or related disciplines.
  • Expertise in gender and human-rights based approaches to evaluation and issues of girls’ education, child rights and child rights violations.
  • Strong leadership and management track record, as well as interpersonal and communication skills to help ensure that evaluation is understood and used
  • Strong knowledge of qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  • Strong English report writing skills and a track record of producing high quality publications (at least one of them should be shared with Restless Development to verify the quality of her/his work).
  • In-depth knowledge of gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • A strong commitment to delivering timely and high-quality results, i.e. credible evaluation and its report that can be used
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills in English and Hindi, and an ability to express ideas and concepts concisely and clearly to ensure that the evaluation is understood and used.

How to Apply

Offers must include:

  • Name, address and telephone number of the consultant/ Team leader.
  • Consultant(s) CV
  •  A list of the previous studies/researches developed by her/him, including the link to be able to review them (if this is already included in the CV, it wouldn’t be necessary to attach it separately).
  • Technical offer/ Expression of Interest
  • Financial proposal (consultancy fees). Restless Development reserves the right to reject any or all proposals without providing any reason and has no obligation to accept any offer made. Furthermore, proposals not strictly adhering to the conditions may not be considered by Restless Development, whose decision on the matter shall be final.

The above documents must be sent to jobs.india@restlessdevelopment.org with the subject line: Baseline Study of Delhi Learning Lab by 15th August, 2022.

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