Applications Invited for Japan Water Forum Fund 2021

Applications Invited for Japan Water Forum Fund 2021

Organization: Japan Water Forum

Apply By: 10 Jul 2021

Grant Amount: 1500 USD

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About the Organization:

The Japan Water Forum serves as a contact point for exchanges between water stakeholders in Japan and overseas, as well as domestic and international organizations, development banks, governments/municipalities in foreign countries, private companies, researchers, NGOs, and other diverse stakeholders. Is working with. Under that network, they create opportunities to take action to solve water problems in the world, including Japan, and aim to maximize the benefits and value of water to all people on the planet.

JWF Fund 2021

Considering that clean water, sanitation and hygiene play a vital role in preventing infectious diseases including COVID-19, they will highly appreciate proposals of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects.

To ensure sustainability, they highly appreciate the projects utilizing local resources, knowledge and technologies.


The Japan Water Form Fund (JWF Fund) aims to contribute to solving local water-related issues in developing countries by assisting the implementation of sustainable solutions led by grass-roots organizations.


  • Up to their $1,500 per a selected project In the JWF Fund 2021, the number of projects which will be accepted is around five.
  • One application/project from one group can be acceptable.
  • No application shall be accepted if one group submits two or more applications/projects.

What projects can be selected?

  • A project which is planned and will faithfully be implemented along the following themes will be considered.
  • Construction/repair of the water supply resource such as well and reservoir.
  • Installation of small scale type water supply system.
  • Construction/repair of sanitation and hygiene facility.
  • Maintenance/improvement of water resource environment.
  • Installation/promotion of water efficiency irrigation system.
  • Implementation of water-related disaster risk reduction/mitigation program.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Any local grassroots organizations that work in countries/territories classified as Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Low Income Countries (LICs), Lower Middle Income Countries (LMICs) from among the OECD’s DAC list can apply for the JWF Fund.
  • National governments, local governments, private companies, funding institutions, international organizations and religious groups cannot apply for the fund.

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