Application Invited for Gender Fund for Tackling Inequality

Application Invited for Gender Fund for Tackling Inequality

Organization: Co-Impact

Apply By: 20 Dec 2021

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About the Organization

Co-Impact is a fiscally sponsored project of New Venture Fund.

The New Venture Fund works with change leaders who share our purpose of creating positive impact in our communities, our country, and our world.

We were founded in 2006 in response to demand from leading philanthropists for an efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving platform to launch and operate public interest projects.

Our team of creative problem-solvers provides strategic advice and operational support to a range of donor-supported projects in conservation, education, youth development, global health, public policy, global development, disaster recovery, and the arts.

More than half of the 50 largest US grant-making foundations have funded projects hosted at the New Venture Fund, including eight of the top 10.

Co-Impact envision a world where all people can live fulfilling lives, where systems and societies are just and inclusive. We stand for gender equality, where all women have the opportunity to exercise power, agency, and leadership at all levels.

We invest in initiatives across the Global South tackling the root causes of inequality – the systems that control resources and shape the lives of millions of people – and in partners who can propose ways to shift levers of power so that they benefit all people equally.

Through a range of grants, we support powerful coalitions of actors, working from grassroots to government, so that a proven approach or idea can be adopted at scale. Our role is to support the strategic vision of our partners within the contexts in which they live and operate.

About the Grant

This open call is an invitation to Global South and locally-rooted organizations – civil society groups, think-tanks and academic institutions, professional associations and networks, women’s rights groups, and feminist and allied movements, among others. Through this Fund, Co-Impact will support initiatives that are working to make systems just and inclusive and advance women’s leadership at all levels. We invite you to apply and join us in moving towards the common goal of transforming systems for women and girls to rise and thrive in leadership positions at all levels – in the household, in their communities and the highest national institutions.

Through this open call for country-level grants, we will:

Support organizations that address root causes and foster systemic change.

Provide flexible and longer-term funding, including dedicated resources for organizational strengthening.

Ensure that 100% of the grants will go to Global South and locally-rooted organizations and at least 75% of our grants will be to women-led organizations. Co-Impact invites initiatives that focus on countries listed below:

  • Africa: Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa.
  • Asia: India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.
  • Latin America: Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.

Prioritize an intersectional lens throughout our process – during the review, diligence, and selection.

Respect that the organizations we partner with are in the driver’s seat and best placed to determine the most effective approaches to achieve enduring change.

We recognize the critical role that Women’s Rights Organizations and Feminist Movements play in advancing gender equality. Co-Impact commits to ensuring at least 10% of our funding will go to organizations that identify as these groups.

To enable us to partner with a wide range of organizations, we will provide three grant types – Anchor, Domain, and Catalytic – each with its own purpose, range, and requirement for selection.

Anchor Grants

This grant will support systems change initiatives that aim to improve gender-equitable outcomes and women’s leadership in the health, education, and/or economic opportunity sectors. Each grant will support proven ideas to be ‘adopted at scale’ to benefit at least one million people. The estimated range of Anchor Grants is between US $5-20 million over a period of 5 to 6 years.

Domain Grants

This grant will support initiatives that focus on institutional change to advance women’s ability to enter, rise to, and thrive in leadership positions in the academic and professional domains of law and/or economics. The estimated range of Domain Grants is between US $2-4 million over a period of 5 to 6 years.

Catalytic Grants

This grant will nurture promising initiatives that are either in the Pre-Anchor stage (focusing on health, education, and/or economic opportunity) or the Pre-Domain stage (focusing on domains of law and/or economics). This grant type does not support new, experimental ideas; instead, we will support early-stage initiatives with a well-developed idea that has been tried in a specific context and would benefit from exploring pathways for sustained change at scale. 100% of our Catalytic grants will go to women-led organizations in the Global South.  The estimated range of Catalytic Grants is between US $1-3 million over a period of 3 to 4 years.

No one grant type is considered more important than another. Anchor and/or Domain grants are not limited to any organization type but differentiated based on their sectors/domains of focus. Grant sizes are also not intended to communicate importance, hierarchy, or type of cause or approach. Neither are they intended to position some grants as instrumental to the objectives of the other. The intent is to recognize that organizations operate at different levels, have different budget requirements, and are at varying stages of development. The diversity of grant types is intended to provide an opportunity to work with a broader set of actors than we have in the past.

Application Process

We ask applicants to submit their applications through this link. This application portal will enable you to complete your intake form (for basic information about your organization and the initiative), and upload your concept note, evidence and other supporting documentation (listed at the end of this page). Applicants will use the same concept note template across all grant types.

Our preference is to receive the concept note in English. However, we recognize that English is not the primary language for many applicants. Hence, we will also accept the concept notes in Bahasa (Indonesia), French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Tagalog.

To determine the grant type that you will apply for, please refer to each grant type's purpose and qualifying criteria. We may re-categorize the application during our review process, in which case we will let you know. Our selection criteria and scoring rubric are available here.

The deadline for submission is 20 December 2021.

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