NABARD - Inculcating abundance as an attitude to adopt in the North East


June 12, 2021

NABARD - Inculcating abundance as an attitude to adopt in the North East


The open door to abundance in northeast India is simply breathtaking. The vast snow-clad mountain ranges, beautiful freshwater lakes, enchanting cave, beautiful lodges and misty trails, all look heavenly right from fertile plains of Assam to the glaciers on the Himalayan peaks of Arunachal Pradesh; there are stupendous locations that are untouched, unexplored and extremely beautiful, its scenic beauty, exotic flora and fauna, the lush green cover and ethnic diversity never fails to mesmerize. All these can be defined in one word –‘abundance’.

NABARD is enabling the people of northeast to connect with abundance aiming at an inclusive equitable and balanced growth. NABARD is committed to rural upliftment with a slew of measures. Under its broad umbrella of developmental programs apart from refinancing some of the capacity building measures resulting in income generation, capital formation and sustainable development include self-help groups, joint liability group, bank linkages, digitalization of SHGs, micro-entrepreneurship development, financial inclusion, digital literacy, creating rural infrastructure, institutional development for sustainable agriculture and Vaadi programs for the development of the tribal population to foster rural population.

NABARD has undertaken the mammoth task of bringing enduring word to life with a host of developmental activities.

Arunachal Pradesh:

It is said, in order for the light to shine brightly, darkness must be present. In Arunachal Pradesh, NABARD installed 270 LED-based solar lighting system in four (4) districts that has amounted to an annual saving of about 18mw of electricity. Moreover, about two (2) Lakh people benefitted from the project.


Life is not just about making a difference but deciding what kind of difference you want to make in Assam. NABARD educated Tribal at Kamroop metro on rubber plantations. 500 families have now started earning an income from rubber crop bank accounts and. Credit cards have been provided to all beneficiaries.


Aspire not to have more but to be more, it is an axiom that resonates with NABARD and its results are there for all to see. NABARD formed a producer’s organization ‘GAITHAN Producer’s Company’ at Rangpang by bringing together the farmers from 20 villages. 327 members have become producers of bamboo shoot and bananas. Everyone deserves something that makes them look forward to tomorrow, NABARD just did that for 70 SHGs,  90 women having trained under LEDB in developing craft products. The women were provided with credit linkages from banks and a marketing platform for their produce. Currently, the average monthly sales of these SHGs range from Rs. 1.5 Lacs to Rs. 2 Lacs.


Never shy away from responsibilities, show up, be seen, answer the call. It’s NABARD way of touching lives. It is said changing one’s reality requires changing their mentality. In Tarang, NABARD changed the mindset of tribal farmers who were habituated to jump shifting cultivation. The farmers were mobilized to form a farmers’ club and take up horticulture for cultivation of pineapples and lemons. They were also encouraged to adopt double cropping and implement water harvesting. Additionally, the farmers were made eligible for lending from banks and linked to agriculture market. The consequence of such an integrated tribal development program was that 5000 people benefitted from 10 villages, a rural heart was set up for farmers and SHG members to exhibit and sell their produce.


Water is a most precious and interconnected natural resource. It sustains ecosystems communities and economies, it sustains the environment in which we live and work. Simply put, water is life. To make every drop of water count in Mizoram, a micro-level water conservation and utilization technique has been installed.


The part to success is to take massive determinant action, it requires capacity building organization and here’s a case in point weaning the farmers away from primitive agriculture, NABARD persuaded them to them to establish orchards; Vaadis of selected fruit to boost incomes in a capacity building initiative that was carried out in phases. Farmers were trained in a serial conservation plantation and installation of low-cost drip irrigation to enable economies of scale. Two FPOs were formed comprising 700 farmers.


It is not wealth that builds roads, it is roads that build our wealth. Roads are the first step to inclusive growth. In Sikkim, NABARD developed a 40km road stretch. Sikkim tourism got a boost with the improvement of the state highway.


The precondition to economic freedom is security. In Tripura, 17 latex processing units are being set up in 8 districts of South Tripura. Additionally, a central godown for storming rubber sheets is being constructed. This project will most certainly add value to farmers’ produce and generate employment opportunities.

Invest your energy in what will contribute to your growth. Invest your energy in what will contribute to your growth. The stance propels NABARDs developmental projects for the well-being of the people in northeast. The beauty of human life lies not in seeing a life but in finding something to live for. A life without a cause is a life without an effect.

NABARD is inspired with the cause of permeating the natural abundance of northeast into its people’s lives. The effect is providing a purpose-driven life that starts with big dreams and makes life worth living. After all abundance is the ability to fully experience life and leave an impact that you live.



National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development is an apex regulatory body for overall regulation and licensing of regional rural banks and apex cooperative banks in India. It is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Finance, Government of India.





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